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Tuesdays with Jacob: 2 Weeks Old

July 1, 2014

This week was much calmer than your first two :) 
No hospitals, no doctors. 

Here's what your average day looks like now that you are two weeks old:

 3 or 4am:  you wake up for your first feeding (since your 12 or 1 am feeding!) After eating you usually go back to sleep in your bassinet. 

 6 or 7am:  We feed you again. Then you hang out in the bouncer while Mommy pumps you more milk for later. After we either go back to bed or Mommy makes some breakfast. 

9 or 10am: you wake back up and eat. Daddy gets ready and leaves for work. Then you go down for your longest nap of the day (usually) and Mommy gets some work done. Usually you sleep downstairs in the pack and play or in your swing. If Mommy has work to do upstairs then sometimes you sleep in your rock and play. During this time I pump again and then try to run any laundry, dishes, make breakfast if I didn't at your first feeding, take a shower, get dressed, etc. If we have errands to run I try to run them during this nap because you sleep the whole time! So far you've been to Target a few times, and TJMaxx twice! 

 12 or 1pm: You wake for your next feeding and you're usually awake for a little while after and Mommy gets to play or cuddle with you! Then you go back to sleep and Mommy pumps, eats lunch, and usually tries to nap with you during this afternoon nap. 

3 or 4pm: you're back up for more eating and then more sleeping. Mommy pumps, then gets dinner ready. Mostly we are eating from our Freezer stock mommy made before you were born. 

6 or 7pm:  you're up to eat again and you are usually still awake when Daddy gets home from work. Daddy gets to hold you and cuddle with you while Mommy gets dinner on the table. After dinner you get your bath if you need one, or we go for a walk if you don't. Then you go back down to sleep. 

9 or 10pm: You wake back up for another feeding. After feeding you and getting you back to sleep Mommy usually tries to get some sleep too. Daddy stays up with you in case you wake up and need any rocking or cuddling to go back to sleep. Then we put you down for the night in your bassinet.

12 or 1am: This is your middle of the night feeding. Usually Daddy lets me sleep and gives you a bottle of pumped milk from the fridge. 

You almost always fall asleep right after your feedings and sometimes we even have to wake you up to burp you. You are still a stubborn burper! 

If you are having a hard time falling asleep we put you in your swing set to "car ride" motion with the vacuum sound on and you fall right asleep. 

You love to sleep with your arms up above your head, just like Daddy!

You like to hang out in your bouncer or rock and play and suck on your wubbanub while Mommy pumps more milk.

In fact, you love your wubbanubs just about all of the time!

Sadly we lost one to the dogs this week :( Mommy is going to buy some more to keep in reserve in case it happens again!

You got your first bath at home this week! You previously had one before leaving the hospital after you were born, and then another a week later in the NICU.

JP and Jolie from Churchill's Photography came over this week to take your pictures. You were such a good baby, only crying when we took away your pacifier. You posed for almost all the pictures just perfect. We can't wait to see the finished pictures and hang them in our house!

Late in the week Nona came to visit from New Jersey!!

Nona was your first baby sitter while Mommy and Daddy went out for ice cream. We also went out to eat with Nona and to open you a bank account, but you slept almost the whole time!

Melissa came to visit and meet you this week too!

We just love watching you make all your little faces!! 

Mommy and Daddy are sooo tired, but sooo happy to love on you!

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