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Food Diary of a Toddler

February 29, 2016
**Disclosure: This is a compensated post. All Opinions are my own true and honest opinions!** 

If my toddler were to keep a food diary, it might look something like this:

February 18, 2016:
Day 423 that my mother has tried to keep me imprisoned in this high chair. She can make me sit, but she can never make me eat!

February 20, 2016
Today chicken is my favorite food. I will refuse to eat all foods that are not chicken. If chicken's on my plate, I'll eat it and then throw the rest of the plate on the floor. 

February 21, 2016
 Today I do not like chicken. Forget that it was my favorite food yesterday. Today, every single piece is going on the floor to the dogs. And these potatoes? They'll look excellent mashed up in my hair.

February 28, 2016
 Does my mom really think I'm going to eat with this fork? Fingers are so much more effective in getting food from bowl to mouth. Just to make sure she understand my rebellion, I'm going to dig my hands into my dinner and then lick it off one finger at a time. She'll love that.

Of Festivals and Food Trucks

February 23, 2016

Every February, for two days, our little town shuts down it's streets for a very special festival. The Street Painting Festival! There are people, food vendors, entertainment, and art work everywhere - it's all very Stars Hollow like, and we just love it.

Valentine Sweets: 20 Months Old

February 6, 2016

Oh my how things have changed!

Before I started putting together Jacob's Valentine's box for this year, I took a look back at his gift from last year. If you don't recall, it looked like this:

I was super proud of that Valentine box, and I still say it was the perfect gift. For a baby boy.

But when I started thinking about what I would fill his box with this year, I was hit with a new thought. I no longer have a baby boy. I have a growing toddler, a little boy. Man was that a slap in the face. But it's absolutely true.

And we are ALL BOY. Our lives these days revolve around cars, trucks and trains, and I think you'll see that reflected in this year's round up.  It still brings me such joy to put together holiday gifts and fun for Jacob and here's what we've picked out for our 20 month old this year:

1. Thomas the Tank Engine Starter Set: Little man was introduced to trains over the holidays in Michigan and has become obsessed. His buddy Levi had this train set and he absolutely loved chasing the train around and around. 

2. Train PJs: I knew as soon as I saw these at Old Navy that they were right up Jacob's alley. He saw them when I was unpacking our suit case and gleefully said "shoe shoe!" (choo choo)

3. Robot Sippy Cup: I'm a huge fan of Target's sippy cups because they are cheap, they don't leak, and they put out new ones every month it seems. We got their Santa one in December, and their Snowman one in January, so it seemed natural to get their Valentine's Robot one to match little man's robot Valentine box. 

4. Where do Digger's Sleep at Night?: If "shoe shoe" is Jacob's favorite word, then "shuck!" (truck) is a close second. We've read him this book before and he loved pointing out the different trucks on the pages, as well as the sleeping boy "night night", dog and cat on the last page. Now he'll have a copy of his own. 

5. Garbage Truck and Figurine: These little truck and worker sets were less than $2 at Aldi's and the one Jacob got for Christmas quickly became his favorite present. I rushed back (and sent family members out) to find all the different varieties. 

6. Turtle Bubbles: What Toddler doesn't love bubbles? Jacob is still learning to say both bubble and turtle, but I love these Melissa and Doug bubbles with the little turtle perched on top.

7. Heart Breaker Raglan: I snatched up this adorable tee from Paper Doll Clothing Co after Valentine's last year and prayed I was correctly anticipating Jacob's growth rate and was getting the right size. Luckily, it fits just right and it looks adorable with his red sailing shorts.

8: Pottery Barn Kids Robot Box: I bought this back while I was pregnant with Jacob during an after Valentine's sale, but they have similar boxes every year and they have nice straps on the back so that they can be attached to a chair too!