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2019 Intentions

January 7, 2019

Dusting off the little old blog (It's been a bit huh?) and hoping you all had a cozy, relaxing winter break full of fun and family memories. We took a little social media break to focus on just that but now we're back and ready to put our 2019 goals out there because we're much more likely to get things accomplished if we've got a little bit of accountability. First, I'm calling our 2019 goals intentions and not resolutions because resolutions were made to be broken and then we're left feeling like failures if we don't accomplish them. Instead, I'm calling them intentions. They're things that we intend to do. And if we do, even partially do them, then we've accomplished something. So without further ado here's our 2019 list:  

1. Cook more at home: Like everyone else, we eat fast food and processed food far too much. I'm not saying I'm going to cook every meal at home but I'm aiming for 3-4 nights a week of good, home cooked meals full of fresh ingredients. My 9-5 (7-3 really) is working against me here as I arrive home most afternoons exhausted, but I've got pinterest and a new app called favoreats on my side, so I'm feeling good about this one. 

2. Travel more: We've got our normal spring and summer break trips planned, as well as a few weekend trips here and there, but both of my siblings moved to new cities this year and we're really hoping to make trips to both Seattle and Nashville this year to visit. We've never been to either city and now that hubs has more vacation time we're hoping to make some new family memories! 

3. Practice Photography: And by practice I mean, get my business off the ground - get in more shoots, design a website, build a client base, etc. I've been practicing my photo taking skills on Jacob for a long time and just barely started to photography other people's kids near the end of the year but I'm hoping to really grow the business side of things this year. I'd like to upgrade my equipment and get out of my comfort zone in 2019 too! 

4. Get outside more: I am so, so, guilty of coming home and crashing on my couch and then never getting back up. We want to get into the habit of getting in our vitamin D on a daily basis - going to our neighborhood pool and playground more, going for walks, meeting up with friends, etc. If you're local and want to help us out with this let us know!

5. Document the little things: I've gotten into a little bit of a rut with the blog - only blogging when something big comes up, or I find a fabulous product to share, and not documenting our day-to-day life which was the goal when I started .... 8 years (and 460 blog posts) ago! I want to be more consistent in my writing this year but also to focus in on the little things that make up our daily life together and not just the big stuff. 

What are your goals for the New Year?