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Tuesdays with Jacob : 52 Weeks Old

June 14, 2015

We made it! The last Tuesday of Jacob's first year! 

We celebrated little man's birthday in style this week, with a trip to Orlando to meet the big cheese! 

Tuesday we loaded up the car and headed to Marriott Vacation Clubs Harbour Lake with Grandma and Papa. We are huge fans of the Marriott Vacation clubs because it's nice with a family to have several bedrooms as well as a living room to spread out, plus a dining area and kitchen so you can cook some of your own meals. I was especially impressed with Harbour Lake because of the amazing kids area at the pool and splash pads. 

After checking in and sneaking in a nap we headed to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. It was our first time there and we all loved it! 

Then, we put you to bed for the last time as an infant. We laid out your birthday clothes for the morning and read your birthday book "How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?"

The next morning you woke up bright and early on your birthday!! You had a sprinkle donut and watched some cartoons and took a nap while we waited for Daddy to arrive so we could go have breakfast with Mickey. 

We were so excited to take you to breakfast with Mickey at the Contemporary Resort's Chef Mickeys!!

You love breakfast food and you loved seeing all the characters. You especially loved the whiskers on Goofy and Pluto. 

They even had a special cupcake for your birthday!

It was such a fun morning!

After breakfast we rode the monorail. It was pouring rain, just like last year when you were born!

We spent the rest of your birthday relaxing back at the hotel after our big day. 

On Thursday we went for a swim. You loved the baby pool and were completely fearless. You tried a few times to go swimming where you couldn't reach. 

After a nap we went to Downtown Disney and walked around before taking a ferry over to the Port Orleans resort and walking around on their pretty walking trails. You loved all the Mickey stuff and playing at the lego store. 

Our walk around Port Orleans put you to sleep, but you woke up just in time for dinner at the TRex Cafe of course. You loved watching the dinosaurs and you made quite a few screeching dinosaur noises too. 

That night you decided you didn't want to go to bed since the sun was setting so brightly and I couldn't get it dark enough in your room. So you stayed up late to play with grandma instead. 

We finally got you to sleep and the next morning it was time to pack up. 

We had two more stops before heading home. First was the Sea Life Aquarium. This was such a nice aquarium and you loved watching all the fish, sharks, turtles, stingrays, and eels. 

Our last stop was Bahama Breeze for some lunch! 

Then we dropped Papa at the Orlando airport and headed back to South Florida with Grandma!

Our little trip was the perfect ending to an amazing year! 

Posts will likely be more sporadic from here on out. We'll probably do monthly updates & big events instead of weekly updates!