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Tuesdays with Jacob: 1 Week Old

June 24, 2014

We started this week in the Nicu, but ended it back home with our baby! 

Jacob had turned one week old under the phototheraphy lights. Daddy visited after work and got to feed him. 

On Wednesday, Jacob's levels were down to 9.3 so they decided to do a trial run off the lights for 12 hours. Finally we got to hold our baby to feed him!!

When they re-checked his levels that afternoon, they had only rebound to 9.8 so it was decided we could take our baby home!! Jacob had developed a little bit of an eye infection from the mask and a diaper rash from all the dirty diapers he was having now that he was eating better so we went home with eye drops and butt cream :)

Thursday morning we had to say good bye to Papa :( and then we checked back in with our pediatrician who took another level and showed us how to put in the eye drops. Thursday night grandma was supposed to fly back to Michigan but her flight got delayed and she would have missed her connection in Atlanta so we got one more night with her! 

Friday we said goodbye to grandma, then we got a call from our pediatrician saying Thursday's Bili levels were up to 11.5 so we would have to take Jacob to the outpatient section of the hospital on Saturday to get another level drawn and make sure it doesn't go up again. Mommy also got to eat her first Publix sub in almost 10 months!!!! 

Later that night we got to skype with Aunt Alyse before she heads to Nepal! You can't wait to meet her in person.

On Saturday Daddy went to work so we spent our first morning alone. Luckily Jake was in a good mood and after changing him and feeding him, he settled right down and Mommy got in a shower and some breakfast. Then we took a walk around the neighborhood to get some sun and help those bilirubin levels!

When Daddy got home in the afternoon we went back over to the hospital to have the bilirubin levels drawn again. Jake screamed as usual. Poor baby has a heel covered in poke marks :(

After the hospital we stopped in at Pop Pops and Grandmas. Pop-Pop was at work but Grandma ordered us chinese take out for dinner. Kacey was very interested in you, while Sergei was very interested in the stroller.

On Sunday Daddy went to work and we spent a lazy day at home. You did lots of eating and sleeping and I did lots of diaper changing :)

The pediatrician called Sunday morning too and said your bilirubin levels were back down so we are all done with heel pokes!

You love going for walks in your stroller and riding in the car, it always puts you to sleep! On our Monday night walk you got your first piece of mail from your Great-great-uncle Donald in Philadelphia! Guess we have to open you a savings account now!

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