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Gift Guide for Kids

December 15, 2020

 Better late than never? This list is full of Jacob's personal favorites, as well as a few items off his wish list! Most of these are awesome for girls or boys. 

ONE. Who doesn't love a classic set of dominoes? Jacob has recently become interested in the night sky (thank you cub scouts!) and would love this set with moon phases instead of dots. 

TWO. The cutest little penny board for new skateboarders. I just love those little stripes underneath. 

THREE. Nintendo Switch. He's obsessed. Enough said. His favorite games are Mario games, if you're looking for some recommendations. He asked Santa for Super Mario Brothers All Stars. 

FOUR. Jacob's Sammy. Warmies are stuffed animals with lavender scented beads inside for a relaxing sleep. They can even be warmed up in the microwave for ultimate comfort. We just sent a polar bear one to our new nephew. 

FIVE. A classic trucker hat. Inspired by our summer travels to Washington. 

SIX. Magic Tree House books are our current bedtime read aloud. Jacob loves Jack and Annie's adventures and there are so many you'll probably age out of them before you run out of them. 

SEVEN. Am I the only one who's kids feet are growing at super speed? We love the bright colors and camo print on this pair of trainers. 

EIGHT. A little something to get kiddos playing outside. We gave Jacob THIS glow in the dark soccer ball for Easter and it was such a hit we're adding some goals to his equipment collection. 

Have you finished all your shopping or are you team last minute?? 

First Grade Interview

August 31, 2020


FIRST grade! This feels like such a "big kid" year. This will be Jacob's second year in the same grade as mommy, since I'm moving up too! We're starting our year virtually, and we'll see how long it takes us to get back into the classroom. It will be an interesting and challenging year for sure!! Here's a little snapshot of Jacob as he heads off to First Grade: 

How old are you? 
Jacob: Five... I mean six...I'm six

Who's your best friend?
Jacob: All my friends are my favorite 

What's your favorite food?
Jacob: Bacon and dessert

What's your favorite color?
Jacob: blue and red and golden

What's your favorite toy?
Jacob: My Mario toys

What's your favorite book?
Jacob: Dog Man

What's your favorite tv show?
Jacob: Mario

What's your favorite movie?
Jacob: Trolls World Tour 

What do you like to do outside?
Jacob: Go swimming and camping

What do you like to do inside?
Jacob: Play Nintendo and watch TV

What's your favorite holiday?
Jacob: Halloween and Christmas 

What's your favorite animal?
Jacob: Dogs and sloths 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jacob: A Florida Panther hockey player and a dad


June 10, 2020

Today you are one inquisitive kid. You love knowing how things work, ask endless questions about "why" and "how" and love to interrupt us with "wait a minute, wait a minute...." when you need to clarify something you've heard. We swear your brain is working a mile a minute absorbing everything and it takes you quite a while to fall asleep at night because you just can't relax and let your thoughts go. 

Today you are as playful as they come. You love to run around and chase, dance, sing, and be silly. You like to make up new rules to games - always calculating and making sure things will end up in your favor, even if it's not quite fair. Nothing makes you happier than getting to spend time with your friends, and you can talk all day long and never run out of words. 

Today you are cautious about new things but getting braver by the day.  You still prefer to watch others try first to see how things will go and need lots of encouragement if you think something might be hard or scary. You conquered your fear of water this year and are growing stronger and stronger as a swimmer. You love to dive down to the bottom of the pool to retrieve objects, jump in the deep end, get thrown in the air to make a big splash, and try to knock people off pool floats. 

Today you are a kindergarten graduate, who ended the school year virtually and is so excited for first grade. You still dislike writing and coloring but you love math and science, especially anything having to do with space.  You are now a tiger scout who's made so many new friends, tried so many new outdoors things, and become an expert at camping. You sleep better in a tent than you do at home! We've diagnosed attention issues this year and we can't wait to see how much you grown when you are able to give proper focus. 

Today you are a lover of loungewear, only wanting comfy pants or shorts without buttons. You like socks but never want to wear shoes, preferring to wear flip flops for all occasions like the Florida boy that you are. You'll stay in your pajamas all day if we let you and you love to cuddle in on the couch or bed and watch a movie together. Your lion sleeping bag and shark tail blanket can usually be found on our couch with you snuggled up inside. 

Today you are obsessed with bad guys, even preferring music and stories that feature them. Bad Guy by Billie Eilish and Circles by Post Malone are a few of your faves, as well as quite a few Lady Gaga tracks like Telephone and Bad Romance. You love to listen to us read you kids comic books, the Bad Guys and Dog Man Series are your favorites.

Today you are on your way to being a professional gamer who is beyond competent at all things Nintendo Switch. You've grown to love hockey this year after attending your first and second NHL games and think you might want to be a hockey player when you grown up. You'd also like to be an astronaut - you've been watching rapt attention every time Florida sends up another shuttle. And it none of those work out, then you'd like to be a fireman who works at Uncle Joe's fire station. 

Today your appetite is on the decline thanks to your new medicine, and you frequently skip lunch, but you still love all your old favorites - pizza, bacon, popcorn, mozzarella sticks, donuts. You are slowly getting better about eating new foods especially if we mix them in with favorites. You love to wait until bedtime and then tell us you are still hungry. 

You survived another hurricane this year - Dorian, as well as COVID-19 and three months of quarantine and virtual school. You've continued to be quite the little traveler - making trips to Atlantic City, Detroit, Long Boat Key, Nashville and up next - Seattle. You are the chillest traveler ever, and we've got flying together down to a science. You gained a new baby cousin Silas this year, as well as a new Uncle Vince.   

Today we love you more than we ever thought we could. 

Today you are SIX.

Jacob's Episode VI { a STAR WARS birthday pool party}

June 9, 2020

Oooh boy, I can not believe this kid is almost SIX!! Thanks to COVID-19 birthdays look a little different this year. South Florida is in phase 1 which means we were able to skip the drive by birthday and plan an intimate get together with his just a few of his friends and family. We hosted a pool party at his grandparents with a few kiddos that he had mostly been in contact with (in a roundabout way) anyways. This kid was beyond pumped to swim and play with his friends after so many months in quarantine. He knew exactly what he wanted - STAR WARS, so we made that happen. 

I knew that the kids would swim for most of the party so I ordered a few STAR WARS inflatables and we made some light sabers out of pool noodles and duct tape, which were a huge hit! For favors we wrapped up bubble wands with spray painted handles (to look like light sabers!) with pool towels. 

I set up just one table as a focal point using a banner and balloon garland from Amazon. The table held snacks for the kids - teddy grahams as ewoks and applesauce pouches as Chewy, as well as the favors, plates, pinata and book. We have always purchased a new book for each of Jacob's birthdays and had all of his party guests sign it - it's such a sweet momento to have after the party is over. 

We ordered Jacob's favorite food - pizza for dinner, and then let everyone have a crack at the pinata before they hit the pool again. I filled the pinata with non-chocolate candy like pixie sticks, lollipops, etc. The heat would have melted any  chocolate! I also threw a few toys in there like bouncy balls, mini slinkys, star wars stamps, and mini planes. We ended the night with cake and Millennium Falcon ice cream sandwiches for dessert. 

We love you sweet boy, and we love watching you grow!!


Jacob's Space Mission FIVE
Pizza FOUR Jacob
Jacob is a THREE-Rex 
Jacob is TWO Wild
Jacob's FIRST Birthday 

Quarantine Boredom Busters

March 26, 2020

What to do when there's nowhere to go? I'm rounding up all of the resources we've ordered or pulled out of storage to keep the kiddo occupied during this strange time of quarantine: 

Educational Picks

Arts and Crafts 

Read Alouds

For the Easter Basket

March 11, 2020
It's just about that time of year, time to fill up that festive Easter basket!! I know I always post this way far in advance but that's because I start stock piling so far in advance. I love to spread out purchases instead of buying all at once... just a little easier on the wallet. I honestly start right after Christmas, shopping the post holiday sales and keeping my eyes peeled all winter long for little goodies to stuff into eggs. 
There's a few staples that always end up in our baskets - a new pair of pajamas, a family game, a few sweets, and always a new book. We've always added a stuffed animal too but I think this may be the year we've outgrown that. Don't ask me about it - I am not ok. But also, I cannot handle one. more. stuffed. animal. in. my. house. Please tell me you understand?

Rounding up all of the goodies I am loving for baskets this year, some of which will find their way into Jacob's basket on Easter morning. What can I say? The Easter Bunny has good taste!

One // Glo Pals: Bath toys have been in our baskets ever since the first year! Some Kindergartners may have switched over to showers already, but Jacob still loves playing in the tub and prefers a bath. 
Two // Light Up Soccer Ball: Perfect for night time parties or even camp-outs, the latter of which may be the reason this one will find it's way into Jacob's basket. 
Three // Lemonade Shake-up: I love including a game the whole family can play in the basket and Peaceable Kingdom has some of our favorites. We also love the travel games from Mudpuppy. The pieces come in a canvas pouch that doubles as the game board - perfect for passing time on airplanes. Last year we put Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt in Jacob's basket which we loved - it's great for fine motor skills in the toddler and preschool ages! 
Four // Narwhal Chalk: Anything that gets kids playing outside, am I right? When it comes to art supplies we're also big fans of Ooly markers, Jacob got their ice cream scented set last year! 
Five // Silicone Earpods: Designed just for kids, we love these on car trips so we aren't battling noise from the Nintendo/iPad/DVD player while trying to listen to the radio. 
Six // Bunny Bark Chocolate bar: Every basket needs a little sweetness. We try not to go overboard on the candy but this bar is too cute! We're also crushing hard on these dolphin gummies
Seven // Jabari Jumps: A book is another one of our staples. I love this one because it's all about confidence, being brave, and overcoming your fears - big themes for us this year! Some of my other favorite picks are Cat & Bunny, Gaston, The Little IslandMarshmallow, and Lovely Beasts. (Last year's pick!)
Eight // Wooden Surf Wagon: I love toys that can pull double duty. This car will fit in perfectly as decor in Jacob's surf themed room, and will also be fun to play with. There's also a little yellow camper that can be bought to attach to it as well. 
Nine // Rocket Construction Set: A fun STEM set for kiddos who love space, like mine! 
Ten // Copper Wire Basket: We got ours at Nordstrom, (in the kids section, on an Easter display table - the brand is American Atelier) but it looks like it's sold out. I've linked it in case it comes back in stock, but I'm also loving this white one from Hearth & Hand. You can find some other options here, here, and here
Eleven // Stripe Pajamas: A new set of pajamas goes in our basket every year! I love this bright set and the quality from J. Crew is among my favorite. These would be my pick for girls! 
Twelve // Swim Trunks: We rarely include swim trunks in our basket because we always get new ones for spring break which is almost always BEFORE Easter, but these would be my pick! I know lots of people love them in baskets in anticipation for summer, we just happen to have summer year round. This sweet ruffle trim suit would be my pick for girls. And if you need a good pair of swim goggles, we love these (boys) and these (girls) from Bling2o!

Hope this round up gives you a few ideas and that you have fun putting together baskets for your little ones! Happy spring friends, XO.