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Tuesdays with Jacob: 5 Weeks Old

July 22, 2014

You're five weeks old now! 

You had your first diaper blowout this week - I'll refrain from posting a picture ;)

You are starting to get too big for baths in the sink. You also pooped in the bath this week - we won't post a picture of that either ;)

A bath, warm pajamas, and you put yourself right to sleep :)

Your vision is getting better and you love looking up at things - the lights, the fan, your mobile, play gym,  the dogs :)

The Gill's came over to visit this week. You were fussy from gas so they gave you lots of pats :)

 This was Colin's first time meeting you.

5 week faces ;)

During the day you do most of your sleeping in your swing and in your stroller (when we leave the house)

At night you are still averaging 2.5 - 3 hours before waking up to eat again.

Every day after one of your afternoon feedings we take a walk down the street to the mailbox to collect the mail and get some sunshine. Usually by the time we get back home you are fast asleep.

Sometimes you fall right asleep after nursing, and sometimes you stay up and we get to play!

We think you're simply irresistible!

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