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MPM: Mar 26 - Apr 1

March 26, 2012
Monday: Alice Springs Chicken
Tuesday: Out to eat for our anniversary
Wednesday: Key Lime Grilled Chicken
The rest of the week will be from my freezer cooking session:
Thursday: Teriyaki Chicken
Friday: Lazy Day Stew
Saturday: Sweet n Savory Meatballs
Sunday: Sausage & Peppers

MPM: Mar 19 - 25th

March 18, 2012
It's Spring Break! I am so excited to have more time (and energy to cook!) I have some new recipes I am excited to try.

Monday: Likely to have dinner with family before my brother in law and his new fiancee leave town
Tuesday: Pork Chops with Pineapple Fried Rice
Wednesday: Out to Eat
Thursday: BBQ Asian Chicken
Friday: "Best Pot Roast Ever" (we shall see....)
Saturday: Prep Crock Pot Meals for the following week using THIS plan, Key West Grilled Chicken
Sunday: Outback's Alice Springs Chicken

MPM: Mar 12 - 18

March 11, 2012
Ok, I'm slowly getting back into the menu planning/cooking groove. All the meals I planned in my last post got cooked, it just took two weeks instead of one. I'm trying to keep things very simple because more seems to get cooked that way. I'm also starting to hoard away fun recipes for Spring Break, which is just one short week away!

Monday: Asian BBQ Chicken on the Grill
Tuesday: Satay Lettuce Wraps
Wednesday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Thursday: Artichoke, Mushroom and Swiss Quiche (from the freezer)
Friday: Bow Tie Lasagna
Saturday: Pork Chops & Baked Potatoes
Sunday: Beef Stroganoff