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What we ate Wednesday - July 30

July 30, 2014

Here's a look at our menu plan from last week! Most nights our dinners come from the freezer stock I made before our son was born. My husband also had some family in town this weekend so a few dinners were spent with them. 

French toast. Sausage links.
Bacon. Eggs. Toast.
Bacon, egg & Cheese Bagels
Toast. Bacon.
Pancakes. Sausage Patties. Fruit
Oatmeal. Fruit. 

Leftover steak Fajitas. Banana nut muffin.
Grilled Cheese. Pretzels.
Burgers. Fries.
Chicken Florentine.
Hotdogs. Fruit.
5 Guys Bacon Cheeseburgers. Fries.
Leftover Fried Chicken.

Chili. Tortilla Chips.
Baby Back Ribs. Corn on the cob.
Steak. Potatoes. Green Beans. Cream Puffs.
Fried Chicken. Macaroni.
Paninis. Soup. French bread.
Penne. Meat sauce. Salad. Brownies.

Fruit snacks.
Apple with peanut butter. 

Tuesdays with Jacob: 6 Weeks Old

July 29, 2014

Jacob hit a major growth spurt this week and spent most of his time nursing. It was my initial goal to make it at least six weeks nursing since everything I read said that was when it would get easier. And I'm so glad I did. Everything seemed to click this week and even though you're eating more often than normal, the pain is much, much less. Our new goal is 3 months! 

After you eat you like to do tummy time and lay under your play gym. You are getting so strong doing your baby push ups and holding up your head!

When you are too tired to do anymore you let us know either by crying or by falling asleep...

You even started rolling over front to back this week!

You love your sheep and turtle rugs because they are so soft and cushy!

 The lights and sound on your play gym are starting to hold your attention for longer and you love looking at all the toys. Sometimes you even smile and laugh!

We have to be careful, because Figaro loves your mat too!

Your puppies are getting more interested in you now that you are more active. They always run to check on you when you cry. 

 After you eat and play in the morning you like to sit in the kitchen with mommy while she cooks breakfast. Sometimes you fall asleep and sometimes you stay awake with me!

You bouncer is another favorite place of yours because you like looking up at the sheep! It's super soft too, so sometimes you fall asleep in there.

Bedtime is still a struggle. You like to stay up after your nighttime feedings instead of going back to sleep. I think you are afraid you might miss out on something fun! When we do get you back to sleep you sleep for about 3 hours. 

Sometimes you fall asleep in our arms but when we go to put you down... surprise! you are suddenly wide awake. 

You still prefer to nap in your rock and play most days .

We took a trip to the book store this week. You had lots of children's books but not very many baby books so we picked out some new ones to read to you. 

We also took a trip up to the Purtell's because they have a nice pool! We dipped your feet for a few seconds but it was very bright and hot so you went right back in the shade!

You were not loving your sun hat.

Mommy thought it was cute.

We went to Menchie's this week too, but you slept through it as usual.

Daddy had family in town so after the bookstore we met them for dinner at La Bamba Mexican restaurant. You slept through dinner, just how we like it. Later in the week we met back up and you practiced some baby push ups, and Kacey watched :)

You napped in your own room in your crib for the first time this week. It didn't last very long - 30 minutes, tops.

Grandma sent you two big boxes of clothes, you are going to be one well dressed baby!

Nightime walks are still a favorite.

and we're still fitting you in the sink for your baths.... just barely.

You are growing so fast!!!