Nurse Sharks & Strawberry Patches {a weekend recap} | Tuesdays with Jacob

Nurse Sharks & Strawberry Patches {a weekend recap}

April 6, 2016

I know, I know, it's Wednesday already, and I'm just now getting to a weekend recap. I've been busy, ya'll! The last 40 days of the school year are upon us! We had so much fun this past weekend I just had to share. 

On Saturday we met Jacob's Mimi and Aunt Caitlin at the beach. We arrived a little early and there just happened to be a shark feeding going on at the nearby nature center so I thought it might be fun to stop in and see. 

I thought for sure they would be baby sharks in a little tank, but NOPE. They were big old nurse sharks in a pool out back. The man would toss them a fish then they would rush to the surface and smack their mouths down on it, making a suction sound kind of like a vacuum cleaner that Jacob thought was HILARIOUS. 

He squealed and giggled every single time for the whole 15-20 minute shark talk. Everyone else there thought this was very funny and laughed and smiled along with him. My little joy bringer. 

We may have a future marine biologist on our hands. 

After the presentation was over we met up and went down to the beach. The shore down by the water was lined with jellyfish that day so we stayed up in the sand and played. 

Jacob loves the beach and could normally play there for hours, but not being able to go in the water really upset him. 

By lunch time we were all worn out so we headed downtown for our favorite - Rocco's Tacos. Jacob has recently become a big fan of guacamole, and my sweet little thing even wanted to hand his menu back to the waiter just like everyone else. 

Unfortunately he and I had to cut out a little early as we were getting close to naptime, and someone was getting fussy. I'll give you a hint: it wasn't me. 

On Sunday, after nap, we headed over to our local farm for Jacob's first u-pick experience. 

Their strawberry patches are over flowing with bright red, juicy strawberries. 

I turned my back for one second and when I turned back I found Jacob eating one right off the vine!!

I know, they are SO dirty. I figured he had already gotten to that one so I let him have it, but I kept an extra close eye on him after that. 

It was super hot and sunny, there is NO shade out in the patches, but we had a good time regardless. 

Jacob filled his bucket with around a dozen strawberries and that night we had fresh strawberries with cream for dessert, and now Jacob won't eat strawberries without cream.

He keeps us on our toes, that's for sure! 

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