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Jacob is Two Wild {Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party}

June 15, 2016

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Where the Wild Things Are has been one of Jacob's favorite books for over a year now. For a few months it was his very favorite and he never wanted to read anything else at bedtime. Roaring like a Wild Thing was one of the first animal sounds he learned to make, along with barking like a dog and baa-ing like a sheep. So when it was time to plan his 2nd birthday party, it was easy to pick Where the Wild Things Are as the theme. 

I decided to use the book primarily as my inspiration, choosing a color palate of gold (for Max's crown), and shades of green (for the forest) with some chalkboard accents for rustic charm. I used palm trees and sailboats as our featured elements, since both are predominant in the book. 

We had rented a picnic pavilion at our local park, which ended up causing me a LOT of stress due to a stormy weather forecast. In the end, the weather was perfect with not a drop of rain or rumble of thunder until the party was over and the guests had gone home, and I'm so glad we had it at the park. All of the greenery provided the perfect natural backdrop for our party, and I didn't have to plan any entertainment since the park had play structures and a splash pad for the kids. 

The picnic pavilion had four picnic tables and two round tables, and we borrowed two more long tables to bring with us. We used the four existing tables for eating, the two round tables for favors and his guest book, and the two tables we brought with us for food. 

We covered each picnic table with a water print table cloth to represent the ocean Max sails on. In the middle of each was Max's sailboat.

I got the sailboats from save on crafts, and painted the outside of each one red. They come in Navy, but I wanted them to closely resemble Max's sailboat, which is red. Then I added Jake's name to the outside instead of Max's. I was worried the boats weren't a big enough centerpiece for the big tables so I bought four mini crates from Michael's for $1 and painted them blue. Then I simply hot glued the sailboats on top, which added more height.

While the eating tables represented the sailing part of Max's journey, I wanted the food and sweets tables to represent the land of the Wild Things so we covered them with palm leaf printed table cloths. 

The food table featured a wooden crate with our two letters propped against it. I created the letters by starting with wooden letters from Michael's. I covered the T with white felt that I had cut into strips and then cutout points. The W was covered with moss, and the O was spray painted gold. I added a small crown made out of gold scrap book paper and feather boa to the O.

We already had a woven utensil holder in wood tones at home so I brought it to hold our plates, utensils and straws. 

We kept food simple with pizza, fruit and veggie trays, chips, and popcorn. All foods that I knew my picky little eater would like. We also had yogurt dip for the fruit, ranch dip for the veggies, and sour cream dip for the chips. We also set out our cups on this table, with a cooler at the end for our drinks - soda, water, and juice boxes for the kids. 

The sweets table featured two palm trees we built. 

We started with two wood rounds from home depot and two wooden dowels from Michaels. We screwed them together to create the bases for the trees. Then we took about 14 pineapples from our local farmers market and cut off the tops and bottoms and cored them so they could slide down the dowels. We topped them with fresh palm fronds. (readily available here in Florida) We set one tree at each end of the table and strung a tassel banner from Twigs and Twirls in between. Melissa from Twigs and Twirls helped me pick out the perfect tassels in shades of green, mint, gold, burlap and white to compliment our party theme.

Propped against one tree was a frame with Jacob's monthly photos from the last year. I bought a poster frame at Michaels, spray painted it gold, and then tied green twine across the two sides in two spots. Mini gold clothespins attached his 13 -24 month pictures. It was hard to get a good picture of all the monthly photos, but you can see them all on my page here

The other tree had the chalkboard tree chunk I made propped against it, with a food related quote from Where the Wild Things Are. You can read more about the process I used to make the sign here

In between the two trees was our tree trunk cake stand from Target, and our cupcake stand. I bought a gold cupcake stand from Party city and added Jacob's Max crown from Little Blue Olive to the top. We didn't set out the cake or the cupcakes until right before we sang happy birthday and blew out candles since it was 90 degrees out with about 95% humidity. Melted cake = no good. 

Our cake was made by Publix - it was vanilla with fresh strawberry filling. I asked them to make the outside blue like the ocean so that I could put our topper on it.

Our fondant topper with Max in his sailboat was my very favorite party detail. It was made by Deborah from The Cupcake Stylist and it looked just like the picture from the book with three changes I requested - blond hair, blue eyes, and Jacob on the boat instead of Max. The attention to detail was just incredible! 

I also added to the top of the cake a name banner and two gold candles. 

Our cupcakes were also from Publix, they were simple vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting. My mom made the gold crowns on her silhouette machine and we added those on top. 

Jacob has mixed feelings about cake. He loves the taste, but he absolutely hates getting frosting all over his hands - there was definitely some tears over that. 

In between the two food tables was our guest book table. I love to bring a book that coordinates with our theme to birthday parties and have our guests sign it for memories.

Last year we brought a Mickey Mouse story book to Jacob's Mickey Mouse clubhouse party, and this year we naturally brought a nice hardcover copy of Where the Wild Things Are. 

I also set out on this table crowns for the kids to wear, Jacob's 2 year picture taken by Golden Owl Photography, his Max scepter, and two chalkboard tree trunks I'd painted asking everyone to sign the book and wear a crown. 

Hanging above the table was Jacob's Birthday Board. I created the board using Powerpoint and clip art from Melonheadz. I then took the file to Office Depot and they were able to blow it up to poster size and mount it on poster board for me. I also had the option to have them laminate it, but since the party was outside I didn't want it too shiny, so I had them leave the laminate off. 

On the far end of the pavilion we set up the other round table to hold our favors. We stuck the table in between two palm trees that came home from my classroom and a friends classroom. These palm trees sit on a similar base as the pineapple ones. A 2x4 was screwed into a wooden slab. Then we slid a carpet roll down over the 2x4 and covered it with scrunched up brown paper bags. On top sits an umbrella, with the canvas removed and green fabric leaves glued on.

In between the two palm trees, hanging over the favors was our Two Wild banner I made using banner flags from Target and black paint, and a feather and woolie ball garland from Hooray Everyday. Balloons from Twigs and Twirls topped one of the palm trees.

On the table sat both the favors for the kids and the adults. The kids favors were in wood and gold baskets from Target. I wrote each kids name on a chalkboard tag from Michaels and attached the tag with a mini gold clothes pin, also from Michaels. Inside I layered two shades of green tissue paper and then added our favors. Each basket included a build your own sailboat kit, (from oriental trading) a mini coloring book I created featuring the characters from Where the Wild Things Are and mini twig colored pencils from World Market, bubbles, playdough, cookies, fruit snacks, and lollipops. The youngest party goers got sidewalk chalk instead of a coloring book and colored pencils. 

For the adults we made chocolate covered pretzels with chocolate in two shades of green and green sugar sprinkles. I placed them in little wood containers from my sons play kitchen.

The favors were a hit, and a lot of the kids started digging in before they even left! 

Jacob opened his presents under a giant balloon with tassels from Twigs and twirls. We hadn't planned to open presents at the party - wanting to let everyone play, but Jacob wasn't feeling so well and didn't have much interest in the splash pad, so we let him go ahead and open them, which cheered him up!

All in all, the party was everything I had hoped it would be. My vision for the decor turned out exactly how I wanted, and all the kids had a fun time playing on the playground and splash pad without anyone getting hurt. I couldn't have asked for a better party or better friends to celebrate with us! Thank you to all our friends and family for loving on our little boy and helping him celebrate TWO. 

Jacob's birthday shirt was made by my mom. His shorts are from June and January, and his moccasins are from Freshly Picked. 

Here's a handy pin!

Party Supplies - Some links are affiliate links. 
Cake Topper: The Cupcake Stylist
Tassel Banner, large green balloon, mint, white, and gold balloons: Twigs & Twirls
2 Balloon, gold, green, and lime balloons: Party City
Two Wild Banner pennants, wood cake stand, favor baskets: Target
Feather and Woolie Ball Buntng: Hooray Everyday
Water table cloths - Amazon 
Palm Tree table cloths - Amazon 
Party Crowns - Amazon 

Sailboat Center Pieces: Save on Crafts
Sailboat Kits: Oriental Trading
Wood tree rounds, Picture Frames, Chalkboard Labels, gold clothespins, green twine: Michaels
Plates, Cups, Napkins, Forks, Cupcake Stand, serviny platters, green straws, gold candles, scepter: Party City
Woven utensil holder: Pottery Barn (no longer sold, similar HERE)
Cake and Cupcakes: Publix
Cake Name Banner: MimoHandmade USA
Gold striped Straws: Cohasset Party Supply
Birthday Board printing: Office Depot
2 year photo: Golden Owl Photography
Max Crown - Little Blue Olive
Striped Shorts - June and January
Gold Moccasins - Freshly Picked

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