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June 10, 2016

Today you talk in three and four word sentences, use possesive nouns, ask what to call things you don't know, and favor the word "no!"

Today you've slowly turned from an enthusiastic eater into a picky grazer who prefers waffles, fruit, pizza and chocolate milk. 
Today you love your two hour mid-day naps, go ni-night at 7pm sharp with your blankie and your water bottle, and wake up way too early before the sun is even up. 

Today you are asserting your independence with a strong will and a stubborn streak, flashing that cheeky little grin when you think it's funny to refuse directions. 

Today you are obsessed with trains, trucks, cars, bicycles and anything else with wheels. You can name and make a sound for nearly every animal and name some colors, numbers, letters and shapes too. 

Today you are happiest when you are bouncing, splashing, coloring, being tickled, or riding around in your car. You like to snuggle in for bedtime stories, watch Winnie the Pooh and Thomas on TV, and sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. 

Today you can walk, run, climb, slide, throw and dance. You are almost never still, with more energy than both your parents combined. 

Today you hate getting your hands messy, posing in front of a camera, and being cold. You love animals but most of them scare you if they get too close. 

Today you are wary of strangers and like to have Mom or Dad in your line of vision at all times. You excitedly run for the phone when it rings and like to facetime with your grandparents and aunts and uncles. 

Today we love you more than we ever thought we could. 

Today you are TWO. 

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