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Valentine's Sweets for my Sweet: 8 Months Old

February 1, 2015

It's brought me so much joy planning out Jacob's first holidays, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Here are the things I've decided to put into his goody bag for the big day. (*None of thse links are affiliate links, just where I found them!)

1. Llama Llama I love you: I've been wanting to get Jacob a Llama Llama book for a while, and this Valentine's one looks adorable. Story time is an important part of our bedtime routine. Turning the page is his favorite part and he likes to do it by himself, thankyouverymuch.

2. Riley Robot Hand Knit Doll: This handmade robot from Sugarbit matches Jacob's valentine box, which is also a robot. I have a feeling he will like grabbing him by those long legs and arms. 

3. Larry the Lion: This cute plush from Hallmark was sent to us by Jacob's great aunt in a box of Christmas presents. But she also sent a Holiday Winnie the Pooh, so we gave him that at Christmas and saved Larry for Valentine's. I'll probably give him a red bow tie too. Larry doesn't fit in the box, but he can wear it like a backpack!

4. Heart Rattle: Jacob has already gotten to use this wooden rattle from Bannor Toys a little. It's perfect for his teething gums and he likes the noise the rattles in the middle make.

5. Happy Puffs: Jacob is just starting to eat finger foods, and since these melt in the mouth we don't have to worry about choking. He's only tried the apple flavor, so the purple carrot and blueberry variety will be new to him.

6. Skip Hop Roll Around Toy: The holes in the bottom of this toy are just right for grabbing onto, and I know he'll like playing with the beads and chewing on the spikes. I love just about anything made by Skip Hop!

7. L is for Love Raglan: Made by The Blue Envelope this sweet T is perfect for his first Valentine's Day!

8. Letter Magnets: from Margaux Makes, these are perfect for Jacob to play with on the fridge while I'm making dinner now that he can sit up. 

9. Robot Chair Backer: All of Jacob's goodies will go into this adorable robot which has special straps to hang on the back of a chair, so it can grow with him. Another home run from Pottery Barn Kids!

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  1. you are SO sweet for sharing off our robot...such a fun gift goodie too!!! thanks again :)