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Tuesdays with Jacob: 33 Weeks Old

February 3, 2015

Oh little guy, you are growing and changing right before our eyes!! You started holding your own bottle this week. You even know how to pick it back up after you put it down!

You also *finally* figured out how to roll back to front. You've been rolling front to back for a while, so now you can do a complete roll!

When we get you up in the morning, we usually find that you've rolled over after waking up!

You haven't crawled yet, but you get up on all fours and rock back and forth.

We took you to the fair this weekend and you loved all the lights and music. You loved seeing all the animals and were especially smitten with watching a ride called "The Frenzy."

We let you nibble on a french fry, and a donut - you always want whatever we are eating!

Last week was cold for Florida, but this week our nice weather came back and we got to play outside. You love to play with the little girls next door!

You tried asparagus, blueberry, and mango this week, and loved them all!

You are getting even better at going to sleep in your crib. You don't cry at all anymore, just curl up with your lovey and go to sleep. You like to sleep either down in the corner, or right on the edge of your crib.

You love bath time and playing with all your bath toys.

We love you so!!

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