Tuesdays with Jacob: 32 Weeks old | Tuesdays with Jacob

Tuesdays with Jacob: 32 Weeks old

January 27, 2015

You've tried lots of new foods this week! Banana creme wheels, apple puffs, turkey, peaches, and you loved them all! 

My little carnivore

You love to chew on puffs and banana slices, but can't quite figure out how to pick them up and put them in your mouth yet. 

Mommy's favorite time of day is when she comes home and we get to play for a few hours before bedtime. 

You are sleeping in your  crib full time now! You love to cuddle with your blanket and you are starting to prefer sleeping on your side, just like Mommy.

You are waking up much happier now that you are getting enough sleep!

You are cutting two top teeth, for a total of five teeth! You love the teething bisquits we got you this week.

The dogs chewed up your Sophie this week, right in the middle of teething! We got you a new one as fast as we could. It's still your favorite teething toy.

You say in the front of the cart at the store for the first time this week! You loved watching everyone and you were fascinated taking everything in. Mommy is relieved to have space in the back again.

You are SO close to crawling! You can get up on all fours now!

Your new favorite thing to do during meal time is to bat the spoon out of our hand, which sends food flying of course. We have to give you your own spoon to hold to keep you from making a huge mess!

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