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Monthly Favorites: Month 8

February 13, 2015

Little Man is now 8 months!!

Here's what we're loving! 

1. The MySpa Sound Machine: We use this thing every night now that Jacob is in his own room. He loves the ocean setting and it not only helps him fall asleep, it drowns out any noise from the TV or dogs downstairs, as well as any noise from outside. 

2. Step 2 Push Around Buggy: Our neighbors recently passed this down to us since their girls out grew it and holy cow does Jacob love it! It has a waist strap so he can't fall out and he loved to turn the wheel and pretend he's driving. It's a hoot! 

3. Infantino Cart Cover: We love the versatility of this cover now that Jacob can sit up. It fits over most shopping carts, as well as most restaurant high chairs. Little man LOVES to sit at the table with the rest of the family and mommy's doing a happy dance to have room in the back of the cart again.

4. Happy Baby Puffs: Jacob's favorite snack! He loves to chew on them and can now pick them up and get them in his mouth by himself. He's also figured out how to feed them to the dogs. Oye. 

5. Tommee Tippee Bottle Handles: Jacob can't quite figure out the sippy cup situation yet. Every time we try he chews on the spout like it's a teething toy. These handles though? They snap onto his bottles so he can hold it by himself and still drink from his normal bottle. Excellent!

6. Eric Carle Bath Book and Toys: Jacob's bath time essential. He likes when we squirt him with the toys, but he REALLY loves to sit and read his book.
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