Tuesdays with Jacob: 36 weeks | Tuesdays with Jacob

Tuesdays with Jacob: 36 weeks

February 24, 2015

We started the week in Orlando. We had one more day to snuggle with family and get in as many hugs and kisses as possible before we hit the road for home.

Your first road trip was so much fun!

 By the time we loaded up the car to head home you were exhausted and slept almost the whole way!

You started pulling up to standing this week too!

You love to crawl over to Leo's cage and open and close the door. You also know how to crawl over to your toy basket and pull out all your toys.

We got out your walker this week. You aren't big enough to walk with it yet, but you love to sit and make it play music.

You had lots of family come to see you this week - your great grand uncle Donald, Uncle Joey, and Aunt Caitlin!

What a busy week you had!

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