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Tuesdays with Jacob: 35 Weeks

February 17, 2015

What a busy week we had! We celebrated Mommy's birthday at Outback and you were so happy to sit at the table with us like a big boy. 

You tried a little ice cream for the first time, but you didn't like it because it's cold!

You had a special day with Daddy on Friday, you went out for pancakes and then went swinging at the park. 

The little girls next door gave you their car they outgrew and you love to steer and get pushed around the neighborhood!

On Saturday we celebrated your first Valentine's! There were lots of snuggles and presents to open in the morning, then you face timed with Grandma and Papa. We went to Panera for Breakfast but you napped the whole time ;)

We love our little valentine!

If you picked a valentine, it would be your lovey! 

On Monday we packed up the car and drove to Orlando for sun, fun & Family! You had so much fun with everyone, you loved floating in the pool and going out to dinner. You slept like a champ, napping in the big bed, and sleeping in the pack and play. We brought along everything for your normal routines and you were completely unfazed by sleeping in new surroundings.

You are still working on your new skills - rolling back to front, holding your own bottle and scooch crawling!

* Little Valentine *

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