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Week 6

January 1, 2014
*Note: I'm currently 16 weeks, but going back and updating now that our little secret is out!

Early this week I had my first ultrasound. My doctor likes to do them early to check placement and make sure the baby is not ectopic. Baby was sitting right where he or she should be, and everything measured great!

How far along: 6 weeks 
Maternity clothes: no, but bloat has been rough so I picked up a belly band to help out with my tighter pants.
Sleep: still good.
Best moment this week: Seeing our babies gestational and yolk sac on the ultrasound!
Miss anything? coffee to wake me up in the morning
Movement: nope
Cravings: cheeseburgers, baked potatoes
Sick or queasy? on and off nausea
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Looking forward to: Our next appointment at 8 weeks.
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