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Week 16: Happy New Year

January 6, 2014
It's 2014! The year of our baby boy!
We celebrated very low key this year. We ordered a pizza, and I was in bed by 8 :)
We got our nasty carpet replaced with nice new laminate flooring, much nicer for baby. We also ordered our crib this week, and I tested out chairs at Babies R Us, along with registering since I won't have the energy once I go back to work!

How far along: 16 weeks 
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity pants and leggings, a mix of maternity and non-maternity tops
Sleep: I haven't been sleeping very well, which I know I need to fix while I can!
Best moment this week: Getting our nice new floors put in!
Miss anything? Definitely not missing the nasty old carpet!
Movement: nope
Cravings: I've been very hungry in general, but not for anything in particular.
Sick or queasy? The acid reflux and nausea both seem to be relatively under control, THANK GOODNESS.
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Looking forward to: Seeing baby again on the ultrasound next week :)

The bottom says "Baby is as big as an avocado, and mommy is craving guacamole."
New Year's Eve Pizza

Bedtime on New Year's Eve :)
New floors in our room and the hallway

New floors in the guest room/soon to be baby's room

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