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Week 17

January 13, 2014
We had some wild weather this week! Very cold (50's - it's cold for Florida ok!) on Tuesday, and lots of rain the rest of the week. In fact, we had no school on Friday because it flooded so bad! I went back to the perinatologist this week and just like last time, little man was wiggling all around and making it hard to get measurements. We found out that baby is 7 oz now and that my placenta is lying low so I'll have to go back once a month to monitor it. Hopefully it moves out of the way on it's own. I also started feeling the first little flutters of movement this week! Little man LOVES when I eat, I feel him the most right after eating! Lots of changes going on at our house, we picked out a rug for our room, picked a paint color for the nursery, and furniture started to arrive! The dresser came this week, and the crib and mattress should be in early next week! We also went over to Babies R Us and ordered our rocker & ottoman, since the special order fabric can take up to 3 months to come in!

How far along: 17 Weeks
Gender: Boy
Maternity clothes: I'm wearing a mix of maternity and non-maternity these days
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out:In
Sleep: Good, when I'm not being woken up by a squirming dog or husband.
Best moment this week: It's a toss up - a day off work, seeing baby boy again,
Worst moment this week: Going back to work after two weeks off, at least it was only 3 days!
Miss anything:Lunch meat
Movement: Started feeling flutters for the first time this week
Cravings: Still loving sausage, egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches, along with chocolate and sweets
Queasy or sick: Feeling good!
Looking forward to: Getting started on the Nursery

Blurry profile, and a little foot 
No School on Friday :)

picture frame for the nursery, with little man's picture

new rug for our room!
dresser arrived at the same time as the rug

we chose the lightest swatch here, Behr Sparrow

Up on the wall, with little man's gorilla photo bombing :)
The perfect chair
dark grey fabric swatch that the chair will be upholstered in

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