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Week 15: Merry Christmas!

January 1, 2014
We celebrated Christmas this week! And Dan's 31st Birthday! I also started getting over my cold, just in time to get terrible acid reflux :(

How far along: 15 weeks 
Maternity clothes: Some of the pants, they are so comfy!
Sleep: Not very well this week, thanks to a bad cough
Best moment this week: Revealing our little secret to family at Christmas! 
Miss anything? Not being sick
Movement: nope
Cravings: Haven't been very hungry since I'm sick :(
Sick or queasy? TERRIBLE acid reflux
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Looking forward to: Spending time with family in MI

It was so fun to finally tell our families our little (big!) secret...

Christmas Surprise from SC on Vimeo. (The password is babyblit)

Dan's 31st Birthday

I had such a nice, relaxing time in snowy Michigan

We scoped out wedding venues and Bridesmaids dresses

A special Christmas present from Dan

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