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Swimming with Dolphins - A first!

March 21, 2011
Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the little mermaid. I wanted to be her so bad. I would pretend to be her in our pool and sing her songs in the mirror. I even got my parents in on the gig. My mom painted and decorated my whole room Little Mermaid and my dad would sing to me (complete with French accent) "Les Poissons"

This past week, thanks to my parent's amazing anniversary gift, I got to live my dreams in Cozumel!!!

We arrived at Chankanaab National park and let me tell you that place is beautiful! It has an enclosed area for the dolphins, a lagoon for kayaking and snorkeling, a beach, a pool, and a gorgeous beach. Plus mayan ruins!! What more could you ask for in once place? We did our dolphin swim first so as soon as we got there we were handed life jackets and we made our way down the dock towards the deepest section.

the dolphin enclave

We got our first glimpse of the dolphins while our trainer told us a little more about them. Their names were Shottie and Martie! Can you tell I was excited to get down in the water??
a little overexcited!

When we first got in the animals swam by us and we got to touch them and see how soft they are! Their skin seriously feels like velvet....

Then we got to two very cool tricks with the dolphins. First the dolphins pushed my feet with their noses, kind of like water skiing.

Then, they pulled us by their fins. Both tricks were very cool and the dolphins were so fun. They must be one of the happiest animals. So willing to please and to do tricks and play. They kind of reminded me of dogs. Water dogs.

Then it was time to pose for some pictures with Shottie and Martie

At the very end we got some free time to swim around with the dolphins, and I definitely felt like Ariel! Before we left we also got to interact with a manatee family, but we were out of pictures by then. They felt so different from the dolphins! Their skin was much rougher. I made a comment that they felt like an elephant and the guy told me they are part of the elephant family. Then he showed us their flippers, which have toenails on them just like elephants! It was very cool. We spent the rest of our day at Chankanaab lounging on the beach and relaxing....

Right before we left, we took in the Sea Lion show.... they are funny animals!!!

And then.... it was time to go back to the ship and get ready for dinner!

It was an amazing day! I apologize for the crappy pictures of the dolphin swim, but it was either pay $22 for a point and shoot waterproof camera, or pay $25 a picture for the professional ones they took. I don't think I will ever forget this day :D
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  1. So much fun!!!! I love dolphins and sea lions remind me of Gracie!! Well have to go swimming with them one day :0)