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First Quarter Update

March 23, 2011
We're approaching the end of March, so it's time for.....

An Update on Goals

First Quarter: Jan, Feb, Mar

Does that sound professional or what? Reminds me of the meetings our church used to have :)

Here's what we've accomplished -

Getting Organized:
Jan - Organized the shoes
Feb - Organized the cookbooks
Mar - Organized the dogs

Second Quarter Goal: The Garage!!! This project is going to take us awhile, and we are waiting for a good sale on garage shelving.

Getting Out of Debt:
No new purchases on credit cards - I cheated a little. I put our anniversary cruise on a card, but I then paid it off using some of our tax return. We also paid off two other cards!! We have a few more to go but it is definitely a good step in the right direction.

Use the Debt Snowball to pay off as much as we can each month - definitely working and we are seeing bigger results now that we have paid off two cards and can put that money towards other debt.

Limit Grocery Spending by menu planning and couponing - I haven't been so good with the coupons (Hopefully I can do better and stock up over the summer when I have more time) but I've been diligently menu planning and have been able to keep our grocery budget around $50 - $60  each week. A definite improvement from $75-$80.

Limit frivolous spending - We saw one movie first quarter "Tangled" and rented two "Waiting for Superman" and "Despicable Me" so I'd say we did pretty good there. Otherwise, we watched movies on HBO and used free time to catch up on DVR'd tv shows. We've been trying to limit eating out  but we've had birthdays and anniversaries and what not. After our anniversary dinner I plan on cutting this out more. I also find I need to work a lot harder on not spending little amounts of money here and there. It may not be big amounts but it adds up fast!

I think we've made good progress and I'm excited to move even closer to being debt-free and organized next quarter! I'm sure April, May and June will be good months for us :)
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