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Parasailing - A First

March 19, 2011
This past week Dan and I went on a cruise for spring break, and to celebrate our first anniversary a little early. One thing we did that we had never done before was go parasailing! I was definitely nervous going into it, but it turned out to be really neat! We got to go out on a boat into the pretty, pretty, water off Key West 
I was very glad we were not first. I got to watch several other groups go up first, to ease my nerves and see what happens. 
It was eventually our turn and before I knew it they had us all suited up in life jackets and harnesses. 

We walked to the back of the boat where there was a big platform and the hooked us up to the parachute. 
Dan is excited.

Before I even knew what was happening that parachute started picking up the wind and up, up, and away we went. 
Dan had told the man to dunk us in the water, so of course, in we went. 
After our little dip in the ocean we went back up even higher than before
the away part of up, up, and away
our boat in the distance

It was eventually time to come back down (and our arms were sure sore the next day!)

We decided later that night that while it was a very cool experience with great views, we probably wouldn't do it again. Once we were up there we didn't move around much. Even though the boat was moving below us and pulling us, it didn't feel to us as if we were going anywhere. This was a little disappointing after the initial rush of being shot up into the air. We are very glad we tried it and it's one more thing to cross off our list of "I've never......"

* A very special thank you to the FURY guys for taking all these great pictures for us 

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