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Getting Organized: Putting the Puppies in their Place

March 5, 2011
Our dogs play a large part in our life, and also a large part in our cleaning routine. Every day when I come home one of the first things I do is sweep up all the cat/dog hair. I do this daily and there is always a huge pile! Lately the dogs bowls and toys have become an increasingly large mess as well. Bags of food covered the floor, the  bowls were mismatched and Layla's bowl needed to be elevated since she is so tall. Dan took my step stool to put it on which means i could never reach the spices I need. Add to this the fact that both food bowl and water bowls were in the middle of our kitchen and getting knocked over daily spilling water everywhere.... and you can see how this has become a huge problem!

I've had my eye on this elevated food stand for awhile, and finally decided to take the plunge and order it.

It arrived in pieces so Dan and I put it together.

We then cleaned out a corner of the kitchen to put it in, along with the food tupperware so that nothing would get tripped over.

I like the new stand so much, I plan on ordering the little one for Leo. The nice thing about the tall one is that it has storage under it for extra food, and treats. Putting the dog and cat food in the plastic bins makes things not only look nicer, but this way their food stays fresher.

Moving on to the toy bins, you may remember what they looked like before : random red tub from target, and aqua bucket from my wedding.

In case you were wondering, red and aqua are not colors I've decorated my house with. I picked up a nice dark brown spray paint at Michael's and went to town.

The brown paint made a huge difference, but the paint chipped whenever it was touched. And the dogs touch these buckets ALOT. So I was back to the drawing board looking for something better. I headed to Home Goods looking for brown buckets and found this instead:

Right there in the pet section, the perfect solution. How adorable is that paw print? It holds all their toys nicely and eliminates the need for a second bucket.

I picked up a few other things at home goods as well, including another basket that fits under our kitchen shelving to store random dog odds and ends that don't fit under the food bowls, like their fur brush, doggie bags, and other goodies.

I also picked up some items for a bathroom revamp that I will post about in the future :)

In conclusion, I love HomeGoods and everyone should shop there for their organizational needs.

The Garage will be our next major project.

The Garage - it's a disaster zone.
The Dogs - their bowls, food, toys, etc.
My Cookbooks - which are currently cluttering up a corner of my dining room
Shoe Storage - our current situation makes my head hurt every time I look at it.

The Desk/Office area - which is going to have to include an eventual new desk purchase
The Closets - Bedroom, Linen, Coat, Pantry, etc.
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