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Bathroom Re-do

March 6, 2011
When we moved into our new house I painted our master bathroom this gorgeous teal color

Behr calls it Lagoon, but I prefer "Little Mermaid." I bought some basic black accessories and called it a day. Then I put more energy into decorating and coordinating the other two bathrooms in our house.

This weekend I decided that I'd had enough. I spend more time in our bathroom than the other two, why shouldn't it look as nice as the others? The black made the whole room darker so I set out looking for lighter aqua and blue accessories. I'm sure you know where this is headed.... I went to HomeGoods and found the following.

Recycled glass accessories, in a light aqua shade

Seashells for my glass vase from my aunts

Picture frame, not sure if I will put pictures in it, or a cute phrase

Seashell art work

New towels

and towel hooks

I then headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond where we've been eyeing their super soft rugs for awhile. The aqua color was perfect.

Perhaps the end result is a little lagoon like. But I like it. So does Leo. 

Leo Approves.

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