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Menu Plan Revamp

March 4, 2011
A few months ago I stumbled across this gorgeous Menu Plan Calendar. It's Magnetic. 

 From Ucreate Foods
I fell in love with it, but even with the tutorial I wasn't sure I could pull it off. Especially because I had no idea where to get the clear plastic calendar piece.

So I followed this tutorial to make fridge magnets instead.

They are cute, but have to be switched every week. I still really wanted something to layout the whole month.

Imagine my surprise when my mommy showed up this week with clear calendar plastic, and a frame! We grabbed a piece of sheet metal from Home Depot, some burgundy and silver scrapbook paper from Michaels, and I set to work!

I never ended up using the middle paper, it was too busy.

I painted the frame black, to match the other frame in my kitchen. Yes, that is plain old Kindergarten Tempura Paint.

I used my new cricut machine (my mom is upgrading and gave me her old one) to cut out burgundy shapes and white letters, then glued them to the top of the silver paper. I then layered the sheet metal, paper, and clear calendar and put them in the frame. Voila!

I now am in the process of redoing all my magnets since the fridge ones were too large for the calendar squares.
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