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Back to School Styles for Little Men

August 18, 2017

We've got just a few weeks now until Jacob starts preschool and we've been having so much fun getting ready. He loves to tell us how we're going to "drop him off and say bye" to him. Needless to say he's ready  for all the fun! This will be the only year before he enters our public school system and has to wear a uniform so it's really our only chance to go back to school shopping for clothes. We had to take a few things into consideration, the first being that he will be going to the bathroom all by himself. He's been potty trained for over a year now, but we definitely help a lot with the clothing aspects of it. All of the bottoms here are elastic waist for ease at potty breaks. We've also grabbed some of our favorite underwear from Carters, they just seem to fit him the best and be easiest to get off and on. The second thing that we can count on is that it will be hot well into the fall and even the winter. We've added a few layering pieces for the winter months, but otherwise kept things light. 

This is where I admit to you that once upon a time I didn't think dressing a boy would be any fun. Oh how wrong I was! We also picked up a sturdy Pottery Barn Kids backpack that we're hoping will last a few years, and a new pair of our favorite sneakers since his feet are growing like crazy lately. Here are some of our favorite picks for back to school:

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