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Jacob's First Sleepover + Checklist

August 11, 2017

Jacob had his first sleepover earlier this month at his grandparents. I know sleepovers are a hot topic in mom groups, and I'm not sure where we fall yet on the sleeping over at a friends house debate. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. We had a lot of painting to do in our living room and we needed him out of the house and away from the paint fumes to do it. We also got to see a movie while he was away, our first in months! 

He had a grand old time at his grandparents. They made him steak for dinner, which is one of his favorites and let him watch his favorite movie Polar Express. At bedtime he slept in his travel bed that he usually sleeps in for naps at their house. Sometime around 1:00 am he woke up and was a bit out of sorts waking up in a new place and wormed his way into their big bed. From what I hear there was very little sleeping between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 am, but at 4:00 he decided to go back to his own bed and slept till 7:00. Despite his late night shenanigans he still got a beach trip in the morning, so I'd say he got the better end of the deal here! 

Before he left I made sure to pack up his bag with everything he could possibly need to recreate his sleeping environment at home as much as possible. This was our very first night apart ever! He has a duffel bag from Pottery Barn Kids that was the perfect size to hold everything. In addition to the basics I sent Llama Llama Gram & Grandpa which is about sleeping over at grandparents for the first time. It was the perfect bedtime story for the occasion. 

As  excited as we were for a night off, and to get all our painting done, we were just as excited to pick him up the next day. Our house sure is quiet when he isn't in it! Each new milestone we pass is bittersweet. He's growing all too fast! 

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