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Starting our Gallery Wall + Printable

August 9, 2017

The past few weekends we finally started to tackle our living room, a project I've been itching to start for years. The first step was to paint the whole area white, to try and brighten up our not so bright townhome. The nature of the beast with a town home is that you are only getting light on two sides.... not my favorite thing as a lover of light. When we go searching for our next house, good natural light will be the number one thing I look for! Give me all the windows and sky lights!!! 

Painting took us an entire weekend while Jacob slept over at his grandparents (more about that soon) because we are novice painters. This was actually Dan's first time painting ever! We got better as we went and the second coat was MUCH easier and faster than the first. The following weekend we swapped out our TV stand for a wood one and began to collect (and make!) artwork and plan out where we wanted it. I decided to take a page book from Young House Love and add our frames directly around the TV to help the it not stick out like a sore thumb so much. 

We cut newspaper to the size of each frame and used painters tape to hang them until we found an arrangement that looked good. Then we marked where the nail holes should go and hung them up. It wasn't perfect right away, we moved some stuff around before landing on our final arrangement. I used a mix of frames, but made sure to put the black and gold ones on opposite sides to balance each other out. We kept the spacing between the frames as consistent as possible to make the variety of frames look intentional. The gold frame has a mat that is white, while the others are off white, so I may try to switch that mat out down the road to match better. Now... on to the art!! 

On the left side are two pieces that I made my self. The first is a branch with oranges and orange blossom. I made it with clip art I purchased on ETSY to represent our life here in Florida. The black frame holds a print that reads "then there were 3" representing our little family. 

Directly above the TV is a photograph taken by a Michigan photographer of Pine Trees. (Purchased from Minted) It reminds me of my grandparents house in Northern Michigan and every time I see it I think of our first ever vacation with Jacob when we took him on an airplane for the first time and flew up to Michigan. We stayed at the lake up in the woods for a few nights and Jacob slept longer through the night than ever before. We were all amazed at what some lake air can do!! 

On the right side is a watercolor painting I purchased off ETSY. The sea turtle reminds us of our many beach trips, and all of our beach vacations to Sanibel, Anna Maria, and the Keys. Our beaches are no stranger to nesting sea turtles and we often see roped off nests when we take beach trips. On our Sanibel trip we got to watch scientist observing and digging up a hatched nest. They found several live turtles still inside! 

The last print is another one that I made. It contains lyrics from the Jenny Lewis song "Barking at the Moon." The song is on the soundtrack of Jacob's favorite movie BOLT, and I love the sentiment of it. 

We're in love with the final result that is balanced visually, brings some color to our walls, and is so meaningful to our little family! I'm already dreaming up seasonal changes and pinning holiday printable to swap out for all the upcoming holidays! 

If you'd like a free copy of the Barking at the Moon printable I made, just click on it below! It's formatted to 8x10. 

Here's a handy pin if you'd like to save it for later!

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  1. Did you make the "then there were 3" print? I love your gallery wall! We are in the process of creating one, I just don't know what all I want to include! Love yours!