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Fiesta Friends {a year of creative playdates}

April 26, 2016

Ole! Ole! Cinco De Mayo is on the way! We celebrated fiesta style with friends at a local park.

If you've read my other playdate posts, you know my play dates generally follow a simple formula:

1. Craft Time
2. Lunch (or breakfast, dinner)
3. Snack
4. Activity Time

We started out our playdate with a simple craft that will help you get all those extra Easter eggs off your hands - Maracas!

We gave each kid two Easter eggs and a bunch of beans in a cup.

 They carefully filled each egg with a few pinch fulls of beans. (You don't want too many or they won't make as much noise.)

 Then we used duct tape to tape the eggs between two spoons! So simple, and so fun! 

Next, it was time to eat! This particular playdate took place after work one weekday so in this case, it was actually dinner.

In keeping with our theme we set up a simple taco bar with all the fixin's!

The kids drank up some fiesta punch along with their tacos and there was definitely a sugar rush later!

There is something about watching kids eat tacos that I find so funny! They all have their own way of doing it.

Once everyone's bellies were happy we snacked on some Mexican flag popsicles!

The top layer was a strawberry puree, the middle was coconut milk and the bottom was a lime juice and sugar mix. I found the recipe from HERE.

These were a huge hit!

At this point, Jacob decided to run around while we strung up the pinata and got hurt. He then wanted nothing to do with our activity at all.

Everyone else had fun taking swings at it!

Once the treats came out we were able to persuade him to stop crying/clinging long enough to pick up some of the prizes that had been inside the pinata.

The pinata had been stuffed with kid friendly treats like bubbles, suckers, applesauce packs, gummy snacks and puffs.

Do you have fun plans for Cinco De Mayo? I'd love to hear about them, leave me a comment below! 

Here's a handy pin so you can save these ideas! 

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