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Fearless {a weekend recap}

April 12, 2016

I'm really trying to be better about getting our weekend recaps up before the week gets away from me! This weekend Jacob's aunt and uncle were still in from NJ and we spent some time out on his grandpa's boat.

Jacob is fearless and we have to keep him under lock and key or I'm pretty sure he'd join the fishies. (and whatever other scary things hang out in Florida waterways. shudder.)

Needless to say, my momma heart is a little jumpy when we are out on the water!

Even when the boat goes under dark overpasses, he's right up front taking it all in and watching the cars go overhead.

He loves when the boat goes fast, and especially when it jumps over waves from other boats.

He likes to drive and he ESPECIALLY likes to beep the horn.

Jacob is still asking for his aunt and uncle now that they have gone home, he'll sure miss them!

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