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Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2, 2016

She's the ringleader of the classroom circus, the rock star of the school stage. She's your child's teacher, and this week it's all about her!

(or him, but most often her)

It's teacher appreciation week!! 

Here's a list of things your child's teacher probably doesn't need for teacher appreciation week: 
1. coffee mugs
2. apples
3. did I mention coffee mugs? 

No seriously, unless she is a brand new teacher she probably has a million coffee mugs. I'm speaking from experience here. 

Now here's a list of things that you child's teacher would LOVE for teacher appreciation week: 
1. Handwritten, heartfelt notes of appreciation from parents or students
2. School supplies, especially fun ones like Scentos markers or post-its
3. Snacks to munch on throughout the day
4. Gift cards

If this week snuck up on you, and caught you unprepared, don't worry! I have two simple ideas that will make you look like you run the PTA. 

All you need are the labels, which you can print out HERE, a jar, ribbon, coffee, and watermelon candies. 

Simply print out the tags and attach one to the coffee.

Then remove the candies from their plastic bag and fill up one of your jars and attach the tag.

Voila! Quick, easy, and something she's sure to appreciate!

Here's to teachers! May they be as strong as the coffee they drink! 
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