Tuesdays with Jacob: 31 weeks old | Tuesdays with Jacob

Tuesdays with Jacob: 31 weeks old

January 20, 2015

You were feeling much better this week after being so sick last week!! 

Since you were feeling better we were able to resume sleep training! You are doing so well. Our bedtime routine is always the same: diaper change, lotion massage, PJs, story, bottle, then we sing while we turn on your fan and sound machine, and into bed you go.

Most nights you only cry for a few minutes, then go right to sleep in your crib! 

We went to the playground this week and you pulled yourself up from sitting to standing! We're in trouble now!!!

You still love swings!

Mommy got MLK day off, and we went out to brunch. You sat in a restaurant high chair like a big boy and ate some finger food - belgian waffle for the first time!

You love playing with all your new toys, and it's so fun watching you interact with them!!

You are definitely teething again, working on a fourth tooth!

We can't believe how big you are getting!!

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