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Monthly Favorites: Month 7

January 18, 2015

Jacob is 7 months old!!

Jacob is growing by leaps and bounds, it is so fun watching him meet new milestones! 

1. Baeba Babycook: We got this for Christmas, and it is wonderful! It steams and purees Jacobs food, cutting down on dishes. And it gets his foods much smoother than our food processor did.

2. Cooking for Baby: We've been using this cookbook as a guide for introducing new foods. It breaks down recipes by age, giving us a plan for what to give Jacob.

3. Keter Bath Ring: Yup, we've switched up bathtime again. First Jacob outgrew his bath sponge, now he's out grown his baby bath tub. He's sitting up pretty good, but this ring gives him some stability in the tub so we don't have to worry about him falling over into the water. It has suction cups on the bottom too, so it won't tip over.

4. Jungle Book Stacking Toy: Jacob has two stacking toys, this one, and a plastic fisher price one, and he loves them both. He doesn't quite understand how to stack the rings, but he loves taking them off the base and shaking them around and chewing on them.

5. Sophie the Giraffe: This thing is a life saver for the teething child. Jacob has three teeth now, and he loves to chew on Sophie. Her legs and her head take the brunt of his teeth.

6. Fisher Price Crawl Around Car: Also a Christmas present, Jacob loves his car! He likes to turn the steering wheel causing it to light up and sing, and he likes honking the horn. He also likes to lay next to it and turn the wheels.

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