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Tuesdays with Jacob: 28 Weeks

December 30, 2014

We celebrated Daddy's Birthday on Christmas Eve! We went out for Breakfast and Coffee too!

Mommy made one of Daddy's favorite dinners, Cajun Chicken Pasta and you helped him open his presents!

We Baked Cookies to leave for Santa

You tried peas for the first time and hated them. But luckily you were just too tired and after a good nap you loved them!

Later on Christmas eve you opened your night before Christmas present.... new jammies and a Christmas movie!

We left cookies and milk for Santa and you tried really hard to wait up for Santa, but didn't quite make it.

While you were sleeping, Santa came!

The next morning we celebrated your first Christmas! You woke up around 7am. You had just enough energy for one present, your car, and then you were ready for a nap!!

After your nap you opened up your stocking.

and your Santa sack

Then we skyped with some family while you opened your presents!

After all that present opening, you were ready for another nap! After your nap we went to visit your Great Aunt Lois. You got to play with some of your cousins and then we went to Pop Pop and Mimis. You love your new chair they got you.

The day after Christmas you headed to Michigan with mommy. You decided to stay awake almost the whole flight, and fussed if Mommy didn't constantly entertain and distract you.

You had the biggest smile for Papa when he picked us up at the airport.

Grandma's family came over that night, you got to play with Noah and Great Grandma brought you boys presents!

You got lots of playtime and snuggle time with grandma and papa in Michigan!

 Grandma had lots of fun toys for you!

 We went to the Toledo Zoo in Ohio to see the zoo lights. We saw polar bears, tigers, snow leopards and elephants, Then we visited the reptile house! You liked watching all the animals. We took one walk around all the lights and you fell asleep before we finished.

You slept the whole way back to Michigan, but woke up in time for Dinner at Max and Ermas.

Merry Christmas Sweetheart

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