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Monthly Favorites: Month 6

December 16, 2014

Jacob is 6 months old!!

Jacob started eating solids this month and many of the new things we've been using are related to that.

1. Taggy Blanket: Jacob has become very interested in the tags on his toys and clothes. He liked to rub them between his fingers and chew on them. This blanket thrills him because it has so many tags sewn around it for him to play with.

2. Chicco Poly High Chair: This is where the feeding happens. It's easy to adjust, the tray slides on and off easily and can be put in the dishwasher, and the poly material makes it so easy to wipe down if he makes a mess. It's a winner.

3. Gerber Oatmeal: So far we've tried both the banana and the peach apple flavors, and Jacob loves both. He actually gets upset if we take too long getting it ready.

4. Munchkin Baby bowls and spoons: These are bright, durable and machine washable. Enough said.

5. Fisher Price Jumperoo: Jacob is finally tall enough that he can reach the ground to bounce in his jumperoo and he loves it. The toys are different enough from the toys on his exersaucer that he doens't get bored with them. He loves the lights and sounds too. 

6. Little People Nativity: It's almost Christmas and Jacob loves his little nativity. It's plastic unlike most nativities so he can play with and chew on all the figurines without us worrying. He loves when we press down on the angel which makes the star light up and a Christmas tune play.

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