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Jacob's Episode VI { a STAR WARS birthday pool party}

June 9, 2020

Oooh boy, I can not believe this kid is almost SIX!! Thanks to COVID-19 birthdays look a little different this year. South Florida is in phase 1 which means we were able to skip the drive by birthday and plan an intimate get together with his just a few of his friends and family. We hosted a pool party at his grandparents with a few kiddos that he had mostly been in contact with (in a roundabout way) anyways. This kid was beyond pumped to swim and play with his friends after so many months in quarantine. He knew exactly what he wanted - STAR WARS, so we made that happen. 

I knew that the kids would swim for most of the party so I ordered a few STAR WARS inflatables and we made some light sabers out of pool noodles and duct tape, which were a huge hit! For favors we wrapped up bubble wands with spray painted handles (to look like light sabers!) with pool towels. 

I set up just one table as a focal point using a banner and balloon garland from Amazon. The table held snacks for the kids - teddy grahams as ewoks and applesauce pouches as Chewy, as well as the favors, plates, pinata and book. We have always purchased a new book for each of Jacob's birthdays and had all of his party guests sign it - it's such a sweet momento to have after the party is over. 

We ordered Jacob's favorite food - pizza for dinner, and then let everyone have a crack at the pinata before they hit the pool again. I filled the pinata with non-chocolate candy like pixie sticks, lollipops, etc. The heat would have melted any  chocolate! I also threw a few toys in there like bouncy balls, mini slinkys, star wars stamps, and mini planes. We ended the night with cake and Millennium Falcon ice cream sandwiches for dessert. 

We love you sweet boy, and we love watching you grow!!


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