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Putting together a Christmas Wishlist: 6 months old

December 23, 2014
I thought long and hard about how I wanted to do Jacobs Christmas list. Jacob won't be spending Christmas with most of our extended families which means most of his presents were getting mailed to us before Christmas. This is the same scenario we faced when it came to out of state family and baby showers. A registry worked perfect then, so we decided to make another one for Jacob for Christmas. I chose myregistry.com because it lets you add gifts from anywere, but I hear amazon's wishlist is good too. 

The gifts on Jacob's list fell into two categories: Things Jacob would play with, and things Mom and Dad would use to care for Jacob. Let's start with the first because those are the most fun. 

I looked at a lot of suggested lists for 6 month olds and read a lot of reviews before deciding on these things. He won't get them all of course, but it gave our families a nice selection to choose from. The things he doesn't get may end up a valentine's present, or in his easter basket if we can find them on sale after Christmas. 

1. Board books: I picked out quite a few classic board books for Jacob's list. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Where the Wild Things Are both made the list, along with The Rainbow Fish, The Little Blue Truck, You are My Sunshine, and The Snowy Day. 

2. Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair: I have quite a few friends who highly recommend this plush chair for little ones. We chose aqua to match Jacob's room and it will be embroidered with his name. Perfect for curling up with those new board books he's getting! 

3. Skip Hop Zoo Foam Tiles: These are more practical than anything. Our floors are cold, hard tile and little man will be crawling soon. These will provide a nice cushion to play on and the bright colors and animals are cheerful. 

4. - 10. These are a wide range of age appropriate toys I picked out. They include Wobble Penguin, Bobble Bee Suction High Chair Toy, Crawl Along Snail, Singing Soccer Ball, Dwell Studio Zoo Shape Sorter, Fill and Spill Toolbox, and the Jungle Book Stacker. I knew Jacob would be thrilled with any of these, and that they would support his growth and development for a wide range of skills.

11. Fisher Price Crawl Around Car: This is apparently the hot toy for 6 month olds. Two days before Christmas I saw pictures of no less than three of my friend's babies playing in this and LOVING it. So I was that mom. That mom who runs out to brave the Walmart crowds two days before Christmas in search of that year's hot toy. And I did find it. #momwin

12. Skip Hop Soft Activity Books: This soft alphabet has all kinds of interactive features to hold little man's attention. It's also machine washable which is always fantastic. 

The rest of Jacob's List was filled with things that would be nice for Mom and Dad to have to use with him. 

1. JJCole Outdoor Blanket: Jacob loves to be outside. This outdoor blanket is the perfect size to throw down on the ground in our yard or at the park for him to play on. As a bonus, it folds up into it's own carrying case. 

2. MyBaby Sound Spa: This is a white noise machine and nightlight projector we'll use with Jacob when he (VERY soon) makes the transition to his own room. Right now we use the Sleep Sheep which is adorable in it's own right, but will only play noise for 45 minutes. Which is fine when he's in our room and we can reach over and switch it back on when he wakes up. The soundspa can be set to a timer or not, so it can go all night. 

3. Beaba BabyCook: This little machine makes baby food prep a breeze. It steams, chops, and purees all in one container. 

4. Baby Cook Book: I love this book. It's full of basic recipes for baby food, but also more inventive recipes designed to expand an older baby's palate. 

5. Pottery Barn 12 month frame: We've been taking Jacob's picture every month and this engraved frame is the perfect place to display those pictures. 

5. Aquatopia Bathtub Kneeler: Perfect for sore knees and elbows. Why are bathtubs so low to the ground anyways??

The last couple gifts we got were stocking stuffers. These were almost an afterthought and won't get used until our plane ride right after Christmas to keep baby occupied. 

1. Pottery Barn quilted Stocking: I got this after Christmas last year (sometimes I have it together enough to think ahead) when they were all on clearance. Jacob's is the penguin one. 

2. Links: Jacob has some plain links and likes to chew on them, so I thought he would really enjoy these ones with their different textures.

3. Baby Moccasins: We have quite a few of these, but I loved this bright blue pair from The Little Design Co. 

4. Captain Calamari: Jacob played with this toy at a friends house, so I already know he loves it. It's full of different textures, crinkle fabric, rings to chew on, and there's a mirror underneath the tenticles from him to look at himself in. 

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