Tuesdays with Jacob: 22 weeks old | Tuesdays with Jacob

Tuesdays with Jacob: 22 weeks old

November 18, 2014

Tuesday was Veterans Day. We planned to go to breakfast at John G's, but you slept in so late we only made it to Lunch ;) You are still teething and chewed on Daddy's hat almost the whole time.

After lunch Daddy took down the Halloween lights and put up the Christmas lights. You watched from the porch. Daddy said he wouldn't turn on the lights till after Thanksgiving, but they've been on every night!

Wednesday we tried our hardest to pass the time while waiting for Grandma to get here!!

On Thursday Papa and Aunt Alyse got here too! We went to lunch at Outback and you gave us your very first giggles that night!

On Friday we went to breakfast at John G's and then we hit the beach! You did not like your first dip in the ocean!

On Saturday we went to the pool. Then in the evening we went to City Place. We met Santa and you were very intrigued by both your feet and his beard. We had dinner at Brio and then we saw the lit up Christmas tree and it even snowed!

On Sunday we all slept in then we went to get haircuts and grocery shopping. We ordered Pizza and watched Malificent.

On Monday we took Christmas pictures! You were not in a smiley mood, and even took a mini dip in the ocean when the tide rose faster than we thought it would. We had dinner at Sazios.

You love watching your puppies - your eyes follow them all over the house, and you love to pet them.

It was such a fun week!

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