10 on the 10th - November Edition | Tuesdays with Jacob

10 on the 10th - November Edition

November 10, 2014

Here are ten wonderful things about Jacob at 5 months old! 

1. You've learned to grab your toes!

2. You celebrated your first Halloween!

3. You made your first trip to the zoo

4. You love when Daddy sings 5 little monkeys

5. You are starting to teethe and having a rough time with it.

6. You love to play in your exersaucer

7. You love blankets. 

8. You went to your first Oktoberfest!

9. You are getting really good at grabbing for objects, even scooting towards them if they are out of your reach.  

10. You put your hands in your mouth all the time!

We love you so much!!!
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