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Monthly favorites: 5 months

November 12, 2014

Jacob is 5 months old!!

Jacob is really growing developmentally and we've started to get out more of his baby 'gear.' On the flip side, some of his baby things, like his bouncer, have been put away.

1. Mamas and Papas Baby Snug Floor Seat: Jacob has enough head control now that he likes to sit up. He can't quite do it on his own (for very long) yet. This little seat gives him the back support he needs. He likes to sit in his chair both inside and outside playing with his toys or even just watching everyone around him. The little tray helps a lot when he drops toys, as he can still reach them.

2. Baby Moccasins: Oh baby feet. Why are they so hard to keep shoes on? We've fallen in love with baby mocs because not only are they cute, they actually stay on!! The ones pictured are from minimoc and they are so buttery soft and well made.  We hope to get a few more colors soon, but the grey ones go with just about everything.

3. Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Mobile: Jacob hates his crib. HATES it. (We're working on it, I promise) This mobile is the only thing that makes his crib tolerable. He'll lay in there and listen to the music and watch the animals go around and around. He loves it. He'll even let you leave him alone in there with it on. But not more than 15 or so minutes.

4. Hyland's Teething Gel: We started teething this month :( We've tried a few different brands, but like Hyland's gel the best. It seems to make a big difference. He actually stopped fussing when we put in on. Like, right away. Huge sigh of relief.

5. Evenflo Triple Fun Exersaucer: Now that Jacob has more head control he loves to sit in his exersaucer and play with the toys. There are just enough options with music and lights that it easily holds his attention, and the spinning seat means he can rotate all the way around to reach all the different toys. This one is especially nice because it was a play mat when he was little, and later can transition into a table that he can stand and play at.

6. Bright Starts Hop along carrier bar: This is actually a stroller toy. It hooks onto the handles of his car seat and hangs just at eye level within arms reach. One of the best parts of watching Jacob grow has been watching him discover interactive toys. Like his exersaucer the bar has lights and music that play when he interacts with it. It also has a mirror he likes to look into and he loves the noise the beads in the turtle make when he spins it. 

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