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Tuesdays with Jacob: 21 Weeks Old

November 11, 2014

Someone turned 5 months this week!

Oh little bit.... you've had a rough week :( We suspect you are teething. You're cranky during the day and not sleeping well at night or naptime. Your fingers are constantly in your mouth and you'll 'chew' on anything you can get your mouth on.

You went with Momma to vote on Election Day. You made your voice heard loud and clear, screaming/squeeling the whole time. Luckily there were only a handful of people there.

You are noticing your puppies more and more and love watching them. They love you too and follow you everywhere we take you.

Daddy set up your exersaucer and you are very intrigued by all the toys.

We took you to a new grilled cheese restaurant that opened called MELT. Mommy and Daddy really liked the food but you slept through almost the whole meal ;)

You are growing leaps and bounds. You've started trying to hold your own bottle!

You LOVE blankets. You get so excited when we give you one and you hug them close to your face.

You still love to be outside and to take walks in your stroller!

Towards the end of the week we dressed up and helped out a local photographer by modeling for her winter (as close as your can get in FL) photo set.

And your newest trick..... sucking on your toes!!

The Dr. said we could start rice cereal at 5 months so on Monday (5 months) daddy bought you some and we tried it out. You seemed to like it but were very determined to help hold the spoon. When you decided you'd had enough you started to pout and we cleaned you up :)

Happy 21 weeks sweet boy!

Here's to 5 months!!

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