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Jacob's First Halloween

November 1, 2014

Friday was Jacob's first Halloween! 

After trying on a too big alligator costume

We settled on Fireman!!

The night before, we carved our pumpkins. We carved Baby's 1st into our Big one and a J for Jacob into our little one. Jacob was fascinated by the pumpkin guts :)

On Friday Jacob painted a pumpkin. He had fun smearing the paint all over the pumpkin. And luckily, he didn't try to put his hands in his mouth like he usually does.

Mommy made a Halloween dinner

And then we took some pictures in our costume

and went Trick or Treating with Nadia and Bianca next door.

You fell asleep right away and didn't wake up until we were 3/4 around the neighborhood. Then you cried until we got you home and fed you.

We had such a fun night!!

Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!!

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