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Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

December 16, 2016

Our tree has been up for a few weeks now, and it has become Jacob's #1 stalling technique. Right before bed time he'll request that we plug in the lights, crank up the tunes, and dance our hearts out. He get so much JOY out of our little holiday dance parties that it's impossible to say no.
His dance moves are limited to bopping up and down and collapsing on the floor in giggles, but that's half the charm of a toddler right? He seems to request the same upbeat songs every night so finally I put together a playlist so they can all just play in a row. His #1 favorite is the Beach Boys "The Man with all the Toys."

My favorite addition to our tree this year was adding some metal initials to represent the three of us. Jacob loves to point out the letters and tell you who each one belongs to. He knows that the R is for mommy and the D is for daddy and the J is for Jacob. He has been SO GOOD this year about leaving the tree alone. He loves to look at all the ornaments, but he doesn't try to take them off or play with them! It makes me so happy that I don't have to put a gate up around the tree this year! 

Wishing each and every one of you a holiday season full of dance parties, gingerbread cookies, Christmas movie cuddles, and hot cups of cocoa. Tis' the Season!
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