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Christmas 2016

December 30, 2016
Merry Christmas Friends! 

On Christmas Eve Jacob and I found ourselves at the mall, Jacob eating Auntie Anne's for breakfast while I did some last minute shopping. I HATE having to do things last minute but with only one day off work to prepare, I was a little behind this year. There was an epic fit thrown when we had to leave the train table at Barnes and Noble, which half embarrassed me thanks to the long check out line of people and half validated our decision to get Jacob a train set for Christmas. We baked and decorated some cookies for Santa last minute too. I couldn't find any Christmas sprinkles and I was not about to head back out to the stores, so I pulled out some Easter and Valentine's sprinkles and went through them one by one pulling out the red, white, and pastel green ones. Next year I'll be better prepared, I hope. Jacob had to taste test a few to make sure the quality was good enough for Santa.

I finished up all of the present wrapping while Jacob napped so that we wouldn't have to worry about it later that night. I also got Bernard the elf put away since it was time for his departure until next year. Christmas Eve is also Daddy's birthday so once he got home it was presents and cake and then we were off to Dinner. Daddy had no intentions of telling anyone at the restaurant that it was his Birthday but Jacob ratted him out loudly proclaiming "Happy Birthday Daddy!" (he'd been practicing all day) right in front of the waiter. He was rewarded with some singing, clapping, and an ice cream sundae which he happily shared with Daddy.

We ended our night letting Jacob open his Christmas Eve Box. He put on his PJs, we made hot cocoa, and he happily snuggled on the couch with us to watch his new Thomas the Train Christmas movie. Once Jacob was tucked in bed Daddy and I got all the presents out and under the tree and then spent some time playing Santa - assembling his train set and his scooter from Santa. Once everything was all set up under the twinkling tree and ready for the morning I was finally able to sit down, breathe and relax with some hot cocoa!

Christmas morning dawned sooner than we hoped, with Jacob waking earlier than everyone else as usual. We got him out of bed then raced downstairs so that we could see his face when he came downstairs. He FLEW down the stairs on his belly and then stared at his train set in amazement. He was so excited and kept saying "my trains, my trains." He did briefly notice his scooter from Santa and asked if Mommy was going to ride it! But mostly he played with his trains while we made cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast, and saved his scooter to try out later in the morning. After breakfast we opened the rest of his presents, including his much loved super hero cape, some puzzles, new shoes and boots, and an Olaf towel. We almost forgot all about his stocking, so he opened that last. 

We spent the afternoon with some cousins eating lunch and letting Jacob play. He loves to be around other kids and they are so good with him. Then we house hopped to Jacob's Grandparents where he tried out his new bicycle before throwing a tantrum and taking a nice, long, nap. Then there were more presents and a delicious ham dinner that Jacob wanted no part of. He did enjoy creme de menthe cake for dessert though! 

We ended our night back home with Jacob heading to bed and Mommy finishing up packing for our early morning flight to Michigan in the morning for Christmas round 2. I'm sure our tree and decorations will probably still be up when we get home after New Years, and we'll probably be sending Daddy out to hit the after Christmas sales for us. I hope you all had the happiest Christmases with your families and loved ones! XO

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