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Bernard's Arrival

November 30, 2016

Our scout elf Bernard arrived the day after Thanksgiving. We named him ourselves because we don't trust our two year old to make those kids of decisions. Jacob has been smitten with him ever since he showed up, looking for him each morning. 

We don't say anything about "he's watching you" or "he's going to tell Santa what you do," it's just something fun for him to look forward to each morning, and a way for Momma to flex her creative muscles. I have to say, he's really helped us get into the holiday spirit! 

When he arrived on Black Friday he brought with him a North Pole breakfast. 

Jacob feasted on red and green pancakes, topped with icing and marshmallows, powdered donuts, and chocolate milk. 

It was a lot of sugar, but what else would you expect from an Elf?

He's also gotten into some of Jacob's toys, like his trucks and his balls. 

He's made pitstops in our kitchen to have some fun with soda and  fruit.  Jacob squealed  "Look! Mim-mins nanas!" and "It's reindeer!" Nice to know my artistic talents amaze him!

And most recently, he gave Jacob's bed a North Pole make over, with new sheets, blanket, and reindeer stuffed animal. 

And how cute is he in his little sleeping bag with pillow from Tinsel's Boutique? She has the CUTEST accessories, you have to check her out to get some goodies for your scout elf! The little sleeping bag is not only cute, I swear it's made better than some full size people sleeping bags I've seen! It has a little tiny button holding back the covers, and a pillow for your elf to rest his head on! She also sent us a little toolbelt with the tiniest little tools, that Bernard is going to use to build a gingerbread house! 

What are your favorite scout elf ideas?? Please share with me in a comment below, I need more ideas! Here's a handy pin!

5 comments on "Bernard's Arrival "
  1. I love all of this! Our Elf has not been at all this creative! Checking out that bedding now!

  2. We don't do elf on the shelf but I love watching the creativity of families who do! <3

  3. Oh my goodness! All so cute! That reindeer sleigh <3

  4. You are so creative! I love that he made over his bed!