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Turkey Day 2016

November 27, 2016

We started our Thanksgiving holiday the way we always do - with the Macy's Day parade and Cinnamon rolls. Last year I made Jacob's roll into a turkey with bacon as the feathers and he loved it so I decided to do it every year from now on. 

I got ambitious this year and instead of popping open a can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls I made some from scratch using the Pioneer Woman's recipe. I didn't realize until I was elbow deep in cinnamon sugar that the recipe makes seven pans of rolls. Yes, you read that right, SEVEN. They were worth it. And our neighbors love us now. That's the second half of Thanksgiving right? Giving? Nailed it. 

Jacob loved the parade and watching for all the different balloons. The red power ranger was his favorite, and he shouted " Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!" When Santa and Mrs. Clause arrived with their reindeer at the end. He watched the majority of the parade from the wooden crate that holds his truck and cars. (which were strewn all over the room) We just pretended it was his Mayflower ship. 

After long naps and showers we ended our day at Pop Pop and Mimi's for Turkey and Pie. We may have hit a store on the way home, despite our stance against Black Thursday shopping. But just one. 

We sure are thankful for our family and friends near and far, and for our little turkey most of all. 

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