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Slowing down Time

November 9, 2016

We were racing out the door to swim class, late (as usual) when I heard it. "Hurry up, Mommy!"

Ouch. How many times had I said to my toddler "Hurry up, Jacob" that he was now saying it back to me when he sensed urgency? 

And the most ironic part of this whole thing is that it's the last thing I want!! Has anyone invented a way to slow down time yet? To make childhood stretch out just a little bit longer? His days as a toddler are so fleeting and it just kills me that we're rushing around often enough for him to catch on to the phrase "hurry up." 

I've been determined, since I first heard those three little words, to intentionally slow down. To enjoy the little minutes that make the days feel so long, to purposefully engage rather than rushing him from one thing to the next. 

I've drawn my battle line and here's how I've done it. 

1. Putting down the phone. This is so hard for all of us, but bloggers are especially connected to our phones because so much of what we do and getting our writing out there is connected to having a presence on social media. But when Jacob is awake, I try really hard to set down the phone and leave it down. I never want him to feel that he's not as important or as worthy of attention as a little box. 

2. Making time for play. And I mean playing together. Building and imagining, talking and pretending, reading and singing. It's absolutely worthwhile for kids to learn to play alone while parents are attending to other tasks, but I want my son to know that he can count on mommy to get down on the ground and have fun with him too. 

3. Scheduling time for rest. I looked at our calendar the other day and realized we had spent the entire weekend racing from one thing to another with barely a pause for naps in between. And why??!!? We went to the theater with Daddy for the first time to see Pete the Cat and surely that should have been something special enough for one weekend, but for some reason I also felt the need to toss in trunk or treat, Boo at the Zoo, and a trip out to the farm. Sometimes it's nice to spend a day unscheduled, relaxing and enjoying our little family without having to race around anywhere. 

4. Investing in their interests. It's not unusual for us to spend the day running around the house wearing pirate masks, or walking to the end of the street to see the digger working on new houses just one more time. I'm quite sure a train trip is in our near future as well. Spending time with your little ones doing the things they truly love shows them that their interests are as worth while as ours and that we love the little person they are becoming with their own personality. 

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  1. Jord makes the best watches ever. I love how unique they are. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  2. Oh that coral watch is gorgeous! Love me some arm candy! Great giveaway :)

  3. That Cora watch is beautiful! and your munchkin is so cute!

  4. I love how you styled the watch! Precious little boy too!!

  5. I can relate!!! I've been trying to do the same things with my little boy. Thank you for the reminder. And this watch is GORGEOUS!!! xx

  6. I so agree! I find us rushing around so much I have to deliberately slow down! And I love the Cora watch!

  7. That watch is beautiful! And great tips to slow down!

  8. I finally had a chance to see these beautiful watches in person at a convention last night, they are soooooo nice!! Yours is amazing.

  9. I have this same watch and absouletly LOVE IT!!! And your tips are spot on :)

  10. I love this watch - the pink makes it so feminine!!